B.O.A.T. :

Budget Oceanic Autonomous Tracker

A.K.A. Autonomous Aquatic Drone

By Joe Canfield and Mitchell Overdick

Image of B.O.A.T.


B.O.A.T. (pictured above) is the senior project of both Joseph Canfield and Mitchell Overdick to culminate their persuit of a B.S. EE at Western Washington University. The goal of the project was to buid a cost-effective autonomous GPS waypoint tracker that can be set to travel significant voyages. The project is currently in the software development stage.

Image of Joe Image of Joe

Joe and Mitch (pictured respectively above) are the two engineers that took on this project.

Project Summary:

The proposed project was to construct a small solar powered paddle boat capable of navigating itself using GPS waypoints. The boat needed to be versatile, designed to be flipped 180 degrees in any direction and still function as intended. This involved applying solar panels to both the top and bottom of the boat to ensure the onboard systems have power at all time. In order to implement these specifications, hardware such as GPS, accelerometers, magnetometers, and batteries was be required. Tests were be conducted on small bodies of water such as swimming pools and small lakes like Lake Padden. The end goal was for the boat to travel Lake Whatcom, launching from Bloedel Donovan Park, circumventing Reveille Island, and finishing in South Bay. Success in navigating Lake Whatcom would have demonstrated the capability of a small watercraft to travel a great distance without direct human control. However, due to the accelerated development process this voyage was not completed before demonstration.

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